Super Busy at Home

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Please bear with me as I am having a pity party kind of day. The ladies at work have been talking about trips they are going to take and things they are going to do. I guess it is hard to hear that others are doing well and able to do such luxurious things. We've kind of just had a hard week I guess you could say. We have kind of just accepted the fact that this is our life and it sucks. I know I am usually positive and upbeat but some days that is just too hard. Some times I am just tired of being strong. Tired of being upset about all of this, you know?

Then there is the life stuff that takes a toll too. Like our truck now needing a new Alternator...yikes! Unexpected things just tend to put me over the edge and that I guess has done it this week. I know God is going to provide and I have Faith that Nick will get a job. But sometimes I am just tired of WAITING.

Anyway that is the reality of today. I am holding strong to the fact that there is a lot of love and I have a lot of God's Grace to cover me today...because I surely do not have the right attitude today. Prayers would be wonderful! :)
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