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So Silly

These are my little cuties. Aren't they just goofy? I am so excited for the weekend! As we speak Nick and the kids are his Aunts house waiting on the Piano movers to arrive. And by tonight we will have a Baby Grand Piano for our little blessings to learn on. I am so excited for them and for our family. I am sure a lifetime of memories will be created around our new instrument.

In other news the interview yesterday went well and he should have a second interview next week, so keep those prayers coming! I will let you know more as I know it. I am praying for a job offer by Thanksgiving...that would truly be something to be thankful for.

Monday Nick is studying for some AICP exam. Before he was laid off his former employer had paid for him to take the test so he is still going ahead with it. This would give him a lot of accredation and help out job wise. He has been studying every spare second he has for this so I am anxious for him to take the test.

Nothing planned for the weekend. The children and I will be preparing for Christmas with cleaning and decorating while Nicholas is studying away.

Hope you have a great weekend!