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First Crush!

Well I think Emma has her first crush. Isn't that just adorable? The little boy she's interested in is named Nicholas. Hmmm what a coincidence! Anyway her and I were driving to Hobby Lobby, girl time as she calls it, and we were chatting away. I told her Nicholas seemed nice because I had just gone on a fieldtrip with the class. She said "yeah but I can't talk around him."
"Why not?"
"I just get all jumpy when I'm near him and I can't talk."
"What do you mean jumpy?"
"I don't know I just feel like I need to jump, jump, jump, and I can't talk or anything."
Isn't that the most precious thing you've ever heard? I know that's how MY Nicholas makes me feel too so I can totally relate. She is just so precious. And if this is starting already we DEFINITELY are going to have our hands full!