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The Old Mill

This is the face you get when you ask Emma to smile and she's freaked out

Here we are in the basement of the mill!

Outside being cute!

Calvin and I at our picnic
Last weekend (okay two weekends ago because I am slow) we went to an old mill near our home. At first Emma was not going for it...mainly because it was making a horrid racket while grinding corn down. But once it stopped we had a lovely tour and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We ever were able to take home a bag of cornmeal that we had been there to watch them make...I thought that was pretty neat! They rang us up on the original cash register and measured it out on an old scale...we even went home with our cornmeal in a paper bag tied with string...neat-o! We also had a picnic and a thoroughly wonderful time exploring God's creation around us and thanking Him for His goodness.