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Miss Kazoo

This is our little Emma. Sometimes I cannot believe she is Three years old. This will probably sound really stupid but I am beginning to not be able to remember her as a baby. Is this normal? She's just so grown up and mature that it is hard for me to remember that adorable Emma that fell asleep on my chest for all of her naps.
Emma has blossomed into such a neat kid. She is hilarious and unpredictable. She sometimes is such a tough guy and other times she has such a tender heart she is crying uncontrollably. Those are the times that break my heart. She also is so spontaneous. Most of the times she is so shy. And then there are those times like tonight when we walked by the neighbors and she yells at the man on the porch "I'm Emma and that's Calvin". Well okay.
She has also become so independent that it often times breaks my heart. Iwant to be able to scoop her up and cuddle with her but most of the time she just isn't having it.
Emma also has quite the vocabulary. You can hear her scolding Cal often times with sayings such as "this is completely unneccessary" or "this is totally uncalled for". So silly.
That's my big girl. She is so quick to tell me she is going to be 4. To me she is already grown up I just don't know where the time is going.