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It's the Little Things

Yesterday I was getting my hair cut about half an hour after I got off of work. The children were having fun with Auntie Bean and Grandma Peggy so Nicholas was kid free. He met me yesterday at Jimmy John's close to my salon to have a 25 minute lunch with me before my appointment. Isn't that just so sweet? Then he walked with me to the salon even though he parked in the opposite direction. Ah, young-we've-known-one-another for 9 years-love!

As you can see its the little things now a days that get my goat. An $8.00 lunch at a sandwich shop and an arm to be on when walking through the City still gets my heart all aflutter. I love that man so much. I love that he thinks of me and thinks of how to make me happy. I love that he loves me.

Oh yes and by the haircut totally rocks!