The Weekend is Here!

So excited for the weekend! When I work and Nick is at home it is really hard to be away, so I am especially glad I get to be home for three whole days! Here are some of the things I am WAY too excited for this three day weekend:

getting to sleep in tomorrow
The Farmer's Market tomorrow morning
Getting to hear Calvin say "mine" some more...yesterday was the first time he ever said it!
Doing nothing with Nick tonight after the kids are in bed...ah!
Yard work, I know I am a dork!
My afternoon facial today!

I know, I know, you are thinking how can you afford a facial when you guys are so down and out right now? But my spa had this special and I am getting one for free! Isn't that awesome? The Lord knew I needed some cheering up and here's an esthetician who's ready to do the job!
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone!