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Some of you who read this know me like an old book (or is it shoe)? Anyway, some of you don't really know a lot about me, or perhaps you are just DYING to know more! So here's a little info on the girl you want to know:

I drink either a hot cocoa or a chai tea almost every night.

Cocoa must be made with TONS of marshmallows

Ina Garten is my current hero

I often times think I am the worst mother ever

I have no idea what my purpose in life is

I Heart Chunky Peanut Butter...Nick likes creamy so guess what I eat?

I secretly want a volvo wagon to complete the whole soccer mom look

Squirrels have always scared me...and now Racoons are topping that list! AHHHH!

I have a hard time transitioning and I hate Change

I only like thick crust pizza

I often time crave Diet Coke with a TON of ice

Eel is my favorite which I have made Nick like...payback for the peanut butter I guess

Okay that's it for you can write YOUR random things about you!