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Best Brother In Law Ever

I must say I think I have the best brother in law ever! He saw a need and filled it. Nick and I have been so consumed with gloom and doom with the whole unemployment load on our shoulders. He is taking us to a Chicago Bears game with his amazing girlfrend Maggie! Isn't that amazing? Don't you just want to kiss him? Although this is super exciting to me, I KNOW it means so much to Nick. He's been watching our children every hour of every day and hasn't been out of the house so something for him will be great. Plus I think it will be really good for us to be able to have a little time away from the children.
In all ways God provides. Whether it be more money in your bank account than before (how did that happen?), an inspirational email from an editor, or a loving gesture from a brother, God provides for our spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.
Now Nick is busy growing a Ditka mustache...oh great! :) Did I mention we're excited?