Being Happy

Lately I am sure that all I've been talking about it gloom and doom...blah, blah. But we are still rejoicing in all that God has given us! First of all Nick and I are so grateful for our little ones. We have such a bond with them and we are trying our best to raise them in the best home possible, and to show them the most love from God and ourselves. Next we have our family. I don't know how we would make it through anything without them. We have one another. I couldn't imagine going through something like this when your marriage is on the rocks. On a daily basis we find ourselves holding the other person up, telling them everything is going to be okay. Lastly and most importantly we thank God for, well, God. Who would we cry to if He wasnt' there? If He didn't care? How lonely that must feel for people who don't have God in their lives! So we thank God for all that we have. And we smile and find joy in our everyday life.
LindsLife, PraisesComment