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I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays, don't you? Here are my reasons why I wish Mondays would never come around:

The children are still not old enough that they can turn on the tv and graze on cheerios until we get up. So as inticing as the weekend seems to be to catch up on sleep, reality always smacks me in the face on Monday that here it is yet another week and I am still exhausted.

Leaving my children. Yes I know I only work part time but having to leave their warm snuggly little bodies so I can go throw hash is physically painful. I feel like I can't breathe. Every morning but Mondays especially I have this fight within myself that is one of those like in the movies where they are taking someone's child away...think Gabrielle on DH when they took the adopted baby...that's what's on my inside.

Summing up all that needs done. Monday mornings to me are that moment where you come to a wall look up and realize its not a wall but a huge giant you have to overcome...oh crap. Between laundry, ballet, meal planning, mommy and me classes, library reading lists, scrubbing toilets, making beds, scrubbing the grit out of the refrigerator all is just a lot of work. Oh and lets not forget all of the thank you cards to write, preschools to find, doctor's visits to set up, tree trimmers to find, bills to pay, friends to keep up with, yada, yada its never ending.

So do you hate Mondays too?