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Fisherwoman Emma

Emma and Uncle Marcy with her first fishy!

Emma put her hand on his shoulder, patted him, and said Thanks for cute!

Doesn't she look proud?
This past weekend Uncle Marcy came home and took Emma fishing. She loved it! Months ago I was driving her around and she randomly decided she wanted Uncle Marcy to teach her to fish. Hm, random. So we went home and she called him to ask him to take her fishing. After that its all she talked about.
Grandma Peggy got her a Dora fishing pole complete with cute pink bobbers. Emma was a little freaked out by the worms and the fish when she caught them but overall had fun. Emma caught a small-mouthed bass and Uncle Marcy had her kiss it! Since then she's been talking about how she kissed that fish with the little mouth.
She was thrilled when we would throw the fish back to their Mommy's and Daddy's. Overall it was a great experience and I know she can't wait to go fishing the next time.