Big Girl Bed

It's official...Emma is a big girl. Nick put together her bed, which used to be my old bed, and she has been a big girl ever since. He put it together while she was taking a nap and when she awoke she was amazed "it's beautiful!" she kept whispering in stinking adorable! Her first night in it she said she didn't need her pink blanket or any of her animals anymore because she was a big girl. That part almost broke my heart. But when an hour had passed and she still couldn't sleep, she accepted the pink blanket when I offered, "You've never slept without it little one". Soon enough she was fast asleep. So now we are big time. I have no idea where the time has gone or how I am suddenly the mother of a three year old. Oh how its going by too fast, and oh how I love my big girl.
LindsEmma1 Comment