Super Busy at Home

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Bad Mommy

The kids are awake. Naptime ends at 4:00 in our home. Its 2:39 according to the clock on the computer. They are in bed. I am on strike against getting them. Sometimes Mommy needs a break. The problem with this is the guilt has started to set in and so with each passing moment I feel a little worse about leaving them up there to make what can only be identified as jungle noises to one another through the hall. Why am I still not getting them you ask? First let me ask you if you've ever dealt with a child who has not napped? Hmmm? So you know why I am resisting with all of the strength I have to not go and get two unnapped children out of their dens. Things will be thrown, kids and Mommy's will cry, rears will be swatted and by the time Nick comes home the draperies will be torn from the windows, I'll have gum in my hair and we probably won't know where Calvin is. Oh and inevitably a shoe will have been flushed down the toilet...again. So no I am not getting you, no matter how many times you call "mama" or say " Yoohoo, I'm done with the nap!" You can sit...reflect, pray, practice your Yoga moves; the chaos is going to have to wait just a couple more moments.