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Hottest Man Ever!

I'd like to introduce you to the cutest man husband, Nick! Isn't he a hottie? I love that he is such a good daddy and such a great husband. I thank God every day for this man. Lately we have been rediscovering one that to mean we fight practically every day. Nick has helped me to realize that I need to lighten up and be his Lindsay again instead of trying to be an uber mom. I hope I am making Nicholas realize that he needs to be more fun and not yell all of the time (I'm clearing my throat at you sir!). I love him so much. I love what a good Daddy he is...he's fun, he thinks of cool things to do, he brings them things home from work. He's such a good husband...he puts up with so much crap from me (not to the extend of Jon and Kate, but still) and still manages to somehow have reason to get out of bed in the morning. He is so funny and compassionate. I just love him...okay just wanted to let you all know how much I love him!