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Giddy Up

Last year Emma took her first pony ride and LOVED it! So when we went on vacation we thought it would be fun to try to have Calvin take a ride. He tends to be stand offish about some things, especially giant animals!, but to our surprise he loved it too! Calvin’s horse was named Macaroni and Emma had a horse named Buster…too cute! Emma was in front of Calvin on the trail and she kept turning around and yelling “come on Macaroni!” She apparently thought that Calvin was poking behind. The thing I love about this summer is that the kids are beginning to do things together and they are beginning to be on the same playing field as far as interests go. And Calvin has always wanted to do what Emma is doing; we are finally getting to the point where Emma actually wants her brother around too. It’s pretty common now to hear “come on calvin, follow me” from wherever they are playing. It’s nice to know that although Macaroni lags, Calvin will never be far behind Emma.

Calvin on Macaroni

Emma and Macaroni...I think I should have requested a side saddle