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Together as a Family

During Easter week we are celebrating by being together as a family as much as possible. Last Saturday we went to our Neighborhood's Easter Egg hunt. We enjoyed fantastic fresh coffee and I must say that the banana nut muffins I took were a wonderful pairing. After that we went to Nick's family's easter. We hunkered down in the dining room, feasting on lobster tails, lamb, and roast beef, laughing and chatting with one another. After the dinner plates were cleared we filled our coffee cups and enjoyed Nick's grandmother's pineapple upside down cake and my chocolate cake. My cousin Jaime teased me that I made the cake from scratch and yes it did take a TON of time...but let me tell you...every bite was worth it!
This week I am making dinner every night and we are spending time together...getting the house tidy as we welcome Spring and making preparations for Easter Sunday! What are your Easter traditions?