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Easter 2009

That's right...I'm one of those nerdy moms who dresses their kids to match!

Easter was a wonderful time as Calvin was old enough to have fun with Emma. It was such a nice and beautiful day and we were washed in such a feeling of being blessed. Even our day was just terrific. We were able to wake up later. We had strawberry pancakes with freshly whipped butter (thats right I made the butter myself!). The kids hunted for eggs and baskets and then we got ready and went to church at my Grandma's church. After church we went to Bonefish for lunch that was spectacular. Very full we made our way to my Grandma's where the kids hunted for eggs again and we enjoyed dessert. How was your Easter? I hope it was a joyous occasion as we celebrated all that Jesus did for us so we can have this life and salvation!