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Child Labor

Well it is finished! Our brick walkway has been put in and it looks fantastic! I am just so thrilled and to be honest I am a little stunned still that it is done! We have been talking about doing it since we moved in and now 4 years later it is finally completed! I am sorry I haven't written in so long but geesh there's been a lot going on around here! House wise we are planning on getting a lot done this summer including:
completely redoing the landscaping and putting down sod so the kids have a bigger yard
building a garage for Emma's new gift...a jeep!
New hardwood flooring in the solarium where our new baby grand piano will go!
New flooring in the foyer
New flooring in the upstairs bath
Trimming trees
Whew! If we get all of that done this summer I will be one happy camper! What projects are you working on around your house? Anything exciting?