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Ag Days

How hilarious is this?

At the fairgrounds in our area they have something every year called Ag Days. It is a time for us city folk to get out and get the kids introduced to all things farm related. Let me tell you the kids just loved it! It was such a hit we are sure to do it next year. Best of all? It was free! If you think there is nothing to do when you are on a budget, you are wrong! Just keep looking at community calendars and you are sure to find something! In our experience the free events are often the best because the community bans together to make it a success. Here are some of our pics. I hope you enjoy and let me just say that my kids are getting so big and sooo cute! Don't you love their matching overalls?
Emma learning how to milk a cow...she squirted Nick a few times!
Farmer Emma
Farmer Calvin
Me with my precious, precious babies