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My Flowers

For Valentine’s Nick gave me flowers, and let me tell you it was definitely in Nick and Lindsay fashion. Our first Valentine’s fell about two weeks after Nick had “officially” asked to court me, so granted there wasn’t much time to prepare. He had asked for the flowers to be delivered to his dorm room so he could sign the card and give them to me when he saw me for dinner. However during the day I got flowers: beautiful purple roses. The front desk girl at our dorm said that the card was blank, they might now be for me, so if they weren’t I would have to bring them back down. Thanks…I guess. So I half way enjoyed them, not wanting to become commited to them, until I knew they were mine. Fast forward to this past Tuesday when what should arrive at our door during dinner but a flower delivery. The card said “thanks for a wonderful weekend together. I love you.” We were planning on going out of town this weekend and the flowers were supposed to come next Tuesday. All I could do was laugh. Nick said “well I guess last weekend was okay with you.” Which I found to be hilarious. Maybe one of these days the poor guy will get it right, but if not that’s okay with me. He keeps me on my toes. A dear friend once heard a story similar to this one about us and said “that’s so you guys.” I heart that phrase. I love we have dubbed quirky and weird things that happen like this.