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I Have Returned

Lindsay here. I am back as promised. Whew what a whirlwind of a time. It seems kind of late to be talking about in February, but we had a fantastic Christmas and such a relaxing New Year' about you? Did you enjoy everything that happened? Are you still savoring your memories? I personally am still buying Christmas items on clearance. I came home Friday and Nick said "oh great more Christmas stuff." But at 90% off you can't go wrong. My one and only resolution at New Year's was to become more organized. I am by nature an organized person so the fact that my house has been turning into a wreck every day has been sending me into panic attacks. So I vowed to become more organized. Even doing simple things like cleaning off the refrigerator has helped me find my inner peace. Look around your house and see what you can do. I moved where I keep the produce and it has changed my life. Just simple things like that can be done.

Anywho, thank you for coming back to read the life and times of Lindsay. I hope you enjoy. And please leave me a comment or two...I missed you too!