The Nutcracker

Since Emma is only two we didn't know if she would be ready for the ballet. We decided to chance it and try it. She loved it! She was very still until almost the end when she decided that she was a ballerina too! I could tell she was getting restless so I asked her if she wanted to go. No she said. But when I said do you want to go get ice cream she jumped up and yelled "Bye Daddy!" Apparently she thought Nick was going to stay for the ballet's finale while we wined and dined on icecream! All together it was a wonderful day and I could ourselves blessed that we can take her to things like this...I know this is just one thing that is lending itself towards cultivating our little girl into a cultured, polite little lady.

Here we are at the ballet

Here we are at the icecream shop...they have a playground!