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Yep, Its my Birthday

Today is my Birthday! Yeah for me! Over the past couple of years I have had a tendency to be somewhat shy about my birthday. Either I thought that no one cared or I was trying to avoid it, I don’t know. But I am excited about my birthday this year. I have decided to embrace my day rather then be upset about the looming fact that I am getting older. And I have decided that everyone can help me celebrate my birthday…if you don’t like it then too bad! Ha! (okay sorry if I hurt your feelings!, sheepish grin). I think this birthday is going to be spectacular. I was already surprised by pearl earrings from Nick. Which he couldn’t have given me at a worse time by the way. Last night (birthday eve we’ll say) I was yelling at him…I mean yelling. He had left me out of the loop on plans being cancelled which subsequently meant that had I known I could have made it to a party I had been wanting to go to, and I don’t know, I guess I just snapped. After my rant he came up to me with a jewelry box. Boy did I feel bad. Oops. There’s a secret about the pearl earrings that I am not sharing with anyone, except that I love them and they make me feel even more June Cleaver-ish…so thank you Nick. Everyone knows how much I would love to have the ideallic 1950’s household and the pearls just brought me one step closer.

When I had got home from work Nick's mom and him had put together a birthday surprise. Nick's mom had the kids decorate a card for me and bought me flowers from them which I thought was just the sweetest thing. There was also a card from my in-laws and from my terrific sis-in-law which I thought was just so sweet. Nick's mom got me a gift certificate to our fave spa so I will definitely be taking advantage of that soon! Nick bought me my favorite lunch of sushi which was just so sweet.

Tonight my parents are coming over with pizza, cake, and my Grandma so cue up the birthday music. I am sure presents will fall from the sky and giant announcements will be made on the news that today is in fact, my birthday. Tomorrow night Nick and I are going out to eat to a Japanese restaurant we haven’t visited since I think when I was pregnant with Emma…seems like a lifetime ago. Then Saturday we are going to my in-laws for another birthday celebration. So I am super excited about the entire day and my birthday week…yeah!