Sunday's Symphony

Sunday our local Symphony had a children's event so we decided to take the children. I must admit I was fairly apprehensive about taking them but it proved to be a wonderful afteroon. Before the symphony they had a "petting zoo" with the instruments so Emma got to play all of them. She seemed to really enjoy herself. I was so proud because after watching Baby Einstein's Meet the Orchestra she knew all of the instruments and even what section they belonged in. I could tell the performers helping her were impressed as well. After the petting zoo the symphony performed and Emma had a wonderful time. She enjoyed all of the songs, "read me" the program, and clapped politely at the end of each piece. She also showed me how to bow like the maestro did. She is so cute. Poor Cal was just along for the ride on this one but he seemed to be interested looking at everything and was very well behaved. Playing the drum

Emma with a small violin...the funny thing about this was that she slung the violin under her chin like she's been doing this for years.

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