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Proud to be cancer-free

Just in case you were wondering…I don’t have cancer. A few weeks ago I started having some problems. The same type of problems that my mom had when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. So I went to the doctor and when I told him that my mom was 32 when she had been diagnosed he asked me why I had never had a colonoscopy. Um, because I didn’t know I needed to? That is my truthful answer after all; I had no idea. So in for blood work and a colonoscopy. I know all of those things are pretty standard run of the mill things except for after learning that my father had had gallbladder and stomach cancer the doctor informed me that “there is a very strong possibility that we are looking at cancer here.” Yikes. A million things ran through my head: would I be alive to help Emma through her first heart ache? Would I be around to see the kids off to Kindergarten even? Would Nick remarry? A million thoughts ran through my head as I cried in Nick’s arms. “We’ll fix this, you are going to be fine.” He promised. So this past week everything was done. I was happy to find out that my blood work showed everything to be normal: calcium, normal; electrolytes, normal; blood count, normal; iron, normal. And I was thrilled when the doctor met with us after the colonoscopy to tell us that they found nothing…my colon is squeaky clean. Yeah! Praise God! I know God has a plan but I was having a really hard time understanding how me not being with my babies was part of it. And fortunately it isn’t in the plan…at least not now. But one of the things this did teach me was that you really never know. I mean, I may be scared of getting cancer but I may get hit by a drunk driver on the way to work and never have seen that coming. We never know when our final hour is my friends. So we need to live every day with everything we have, and to represent The One who gave us everything we have.