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Our First Date

I would like to tell you about our first date. It wasn’t a date with just Nick and I, so it wasn’t our first official date, but it was a double date, or a group date you may even say. We went bowling together, along with my roommate Jess and Nick’s friend Brady. I was so flipping excited…this boy actually likes me! So we went and what do you think Nick did? He flirted with my roommate the entire time! What a little weasel! He defends this by saying that he didn’t know me that well and that it wasn’t actually a date. Creep. After bowling we went back to the dorm to watch a movie and while we were watching a movie he refused to hold my hand. Now if you didn’t know a girl why would you try to hold a girl’s hand? I just don’t think that his story is adding up. Anywho, he later told me that my hand was sweaty so he didn’t want to hold it. Thanks a lot mister. So that is what happened on our first date…just wanted to set the story straight. If it sounds like we were on a double date to you, please let me know.