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Orchard Fun

Saturday we went to pick apples at a nearby orchard which was so much fun for Emma. In Puggles she had been learning that God made the trees. To tie into that we thought we would teach her about apples since they come from trees and now is a perfect time with us smack dab in the middle of Fall. We colored apples we talked about apples, we love apples. I had one day I planned on teaching Emma where apples come from. She'd say they come from the store and I would explain that they come from trees and God made the trees so God makes apples! But when I asked her where apples come from she said "God!" So that lesson plan was tossed out the window as she had jumped ahead of me. Another day I tried to tell her there is a surprise in the center of an apple. Before I could even cut an apple open she was telling me that there is a star in the middle of apples as if this is just soooo yesterday. Luckily though picking apples wasn't old to her so I got her with that one!

My happy campers ready to go apple picking!

The first apple...she was so proud of herself! Amid the pumpkins

Someone loves apples...and someone's Mommy loves this hat!