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God is Bigger than The Economy

Let’s face it everyone, times are tough right now. Sunday we came home from a family event and Nick and I basically had a giant meltdown together. Nick and his brother fixed our car last week and now it is making a different funny noise: more money for that. We got home and saw things in our house that need done as well as things in our house that we would love to have done but there is just no extra money right now. I am having some medical tests done and silly old money is what I am worrying about with them: I hope we can afford this. But God is good and His love endures forever. I must remember that. I must. I know that God will provide for us. I know people who are going out and getting second and third jobs to survive this and yet I only work part-time. As hard as it seems in day to day life we really are blessed. Nick was blessed enough to survive the budget cuts of the city: apparently they think they really do need him! He has a job and I have a part-time job and we are able to pay our bills, put food on the table, diapers on our baby boy’s behind and heat our home. We aren’t short in our bills and we do have at least a tiny bit extra to call our own. On top of all of that if we ever do struggle we are blessed with a fantastic support system of people we can turn to for help. Plus we both have our health that if Nick and I needed to go and mow lawns somewhere, we could go and do that. I know that times are tough but we need to try our best to look at the silver lining to our economy cloud. God is bigger than our economy! He’s bigger than that big bill you may not be able to pay this month or the groceries you may be dreading to have to purchase. Lets not rely on good luck or budgets or anything else…lets solely rely on Him to work everything out for us.