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Baby Items

When you are pregnant nowadays you go to the huge store and register. There is so much crap that you feel a little overwhelmed. When I was pregnant with Emma there were girls I knew who were pregnant at the same time as me; as I poured over their registries I felt so inadequate because I was missing so much stuff off of my registry. However I got the last laugh because so much stuff you just DON'T NEED! People please let me in on a secret...the baby business is a business just like everything else...Christmas time, old people scams, back to school. Here is a short list of things I think you should leave off of your list:

Wipes Warmer: nice except that several have been recalled for setting people's houses on fire. Do you want the fire started in the nursery? Probably not. Also it just makes the baby scream even louder when you are changing your baby in a public bathroom with cold wipes

Bumbo chair: Trust me, they will learn to sit up when they are good and ready. Otherwise you can buy them some type of custom-made pillow to support them while in their college classes

Robes/towels/washcloths in gender specific colors: okay this one I learned the hard way or should I say Calvin has learned the hard way by having pink towels...sorry buddy. Somethings can just be white or yellow

Outfits in 0-3 month size: at this size all they can really wear are p.j's and you'll be so tired that you won't want to be a wardrobe coordinator anyway

Things Called Burpcloths: grab a blanket or get some cloth diapers because the burpcloths aren't absorbant and are small. Socks, dishcloths, anything begins to look appealing to catch spit up when you are covered in it

Travel Systems: Again I bought into this one because of the convenience of the putting the carseat in the stroller. But both of my kids were too big for the carseat by the time they were 6 months old and lets face it, those strollers are freaking enormous!!! Ours is nicely stored in the attic while our umbrella stroller is used on a daily basis.

A Bassinett: both of my kids hated ours...which is a shame because its so cute!

Please note that if you have these I am very happy for you. I am sure they are fine items; I am just sharing my opinions and what has worked for us. I hope this has given you some direction if you were in need of any.