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I hate Bills

I am on the computer now paying bills which I hate, loathe, dispise, etc. I insist on having the checkbook balanced before I pay bills which there in lies part of the problem that I don't record any of our purchases until it is time to pay bills. Read that I spend hours trying to justify everything. THEN I get started on the bill part. We pay our bills online, what works for you? This has actually worked extremely well in that I am the only one paying bills, I am the only one who knows how to pay bills so I kind of like that. When I was in the hospital having Calvin I asked Nick to pay something and I am still trying to figure out how he messed the numbers up so bad. By the way Calvin is now 9 months old and also by the way, Nick has a minor in finace...hmmm. Anyway, while cursing the bills and shaking a fist towards the heavens I realized that it is a good thing that at least we have money to pay our bills. After all we are not behind in our bills and we actually have some of our bills to consolidate things and get things paid down fairly quickly, which I personally am deeming as responsible. So I guess I should be happy paying bills, right? Kind of?