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So, About Our Anniversary!

I realized I never told you guys about our anniversary! It was the most romantic thing ever...well except for the night Nick proposed. Anyway, just a recap this was our big five year anniversary, so Nick had this big secret planned. He refused to tell me anything about it. On the night of the Saturday before our anniversary he blind-folded me and had me in the car driving. When we were behind a police car driving is when he told me I could take the blind fold off. He drove for a while and ended up taking me to the beach. How romantic! He had a wine and cheese picnic planned! For those of you who do not know I love the beach: the sand, the waves, the birds. Nick on the other hand despises it. So for him to do this just brought tears to my eyes. It was a picture perfect day and it was nice to lay on the blanket and stare up at the crystal blue sky. We talked about our past, our future, and how blessed we truly are. We laughed hard. Below are pictures of Nicholas and I. I don't know why we didn't get the bright idea to take a picture together!

Afterwards Nick said we could go to one of the fancy beach side places we frequent or grab a burger at Redamaks. And did I go for the burger? You bet I did because I am an All-American kind of girl. And to be honest, holding hands while watching the Cubs and waiting for our food made me feel young again. Really young. And I love Nick for it. Because despite everything that comes our way, we are still the same young couple that fell in love all those years ago. We still make one another giggle. He still gives me butterflies. And we still are both so darn passionate that we argue over lots. But that's what makes us us. And nothing can break us apart.