5 Years

Five years. Five years since I said I do…and what did I say I do to? To sticking by my best friend through whatever life throws at us: lies, financial hardship, infidelity, fights; To laughing with Nick every day: staying up all night talking, teasing one another about the silliest things, and doing imitations of Joey on friends eating a sub sandwich; to loving him: missing him like I am missing a limb when he is gone, being so fiercely loyal to him that no one can ever say anything bad, clinging to him when things get really tough as my comfort, and always giving him the benefit of the doubt; to falling more and more in love every day...seriously, I do. I look at him and think “how in the world was I lucky enough to get him?” And it really isn’t a lucky thing…it’s a being blessed with thing. God made us for one another, there has never been a doubt in my mind. When we started dating it was really weird because it was as though we had known one another for so long. We get one another on a very deep level. We both have our things that we have to beat out of the other: I am crazy and irrational and Nick constantly has to tell me to knock it off. Nick is quiet and pensive and I have to get my big cavewoman club out and beat him into talking to me about things. But in the end, as I look back on five years, I cannot believe that we have been married for that long. It really seems like just the other day I stood on the shore of Hawaii with my Nicholas and gave my heart and my life over to him…I gave him all of me, everything that I have. And I am so glad that I did. I would never take a second back. I relish that we have college memories, and dating memories, and being engaged memories. I am tickled that we have eloping memories, and first apartment memories. When I think of Nick things pop into my head instantly…the way he looked in the dorm waiting at the bottom of the winding staircase for me to meet him, the look in his eyes as he sat with me before I went it to surgery to have our little girl, the way he laughs at me when I rub my nose. I always worried when we were engaged that we might grow tired of one another and run out of things to talk about. And now I have no fear of that. I am looking forward to the next five years and the next fifty years. I am looking forward to growing old with my best friend: The best friend a woman could ask for.
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