Unspeakable Blessings

It happens every time: A major tragedy; A baby’s dedication; A phone call from a friend about a hardship they are going through; A Birthday Party; A Wedding; a broken toilet; an oil leak in the car. It seems like any event now-a-days has turned into an opportunity for our family to give thanks to God. When something bad happens, Nick and I usually end up meeting in the kitchen; we cling to one another, he cups the back of my head in his hand and I can just cry if I need to. We are breathless and then one of us mutters how blessed we are. We look at our house, our cute little car, our children who are priceless beyond measure, and the love that we have between one another. We are in wonderment at our health, our careers, our “chance” meeting where we fell helplessly in love. We stand in awe of the silly facts that come with our lives: we both love capers, we live kind of near the water, we are addicted to Chicago. What are you thankful for in your life? Do you stand in awe of the massiveness of God in your life and everything he has blessed you with?