So I know that I haven't written for a while and it has been because I have been on death's door. Last week I just couldn't shake the feelings of "allergies"...again. However this time my eye swelled shut and drooped and it seriously looked like I had had a stroke (which by the way Nick said is not a good look for me) :) I just couldn't shake this sore throat too. So I went to the Doc Thursday and wouldn't you know it, infection has settled into these old bones of mine. They thought it was strep but the test just came back negative, which may I just say a HUGE thank you Jesus! So I am on antibiotics and am finally feeling better. Friday and Saturday I think I must have pushed myself too hard because Saturday night I seriously thought I was going to die. I have never been so sick before that I was wondering how everyone would do without me and praying for God to let me live. I thought Nick was going to have to take me to the hospital but luckily I survived, slept a lot and am now feeling better. Hopefully I will continue to be up to par and will be able to blog some more this week!
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