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Birthday Celebrations

I love this little boy so much! He just fills my heart with joy!

This weekend was a weekend of family, fun, and love! We celebrated Nicholas' dads birthday as he is turning 60 this week. So we all went out to eat together and had a blast. Emma loves her Auntie Bean and Uncle Mark so much...and she was thrilled when she found out that they brought their Rocky dog. After dinner we went to the grotto where Uncle Mark proposed to Auntie Bean...there Emma prayed which was adorableNicholas held Calvin and for some reason always looks mad in pictures...I promise, he is the sweetest man in the world!
The next morning we got up and went to brunch...shhhh we skipped church to eat. I have never seen such a spread...stuffed mushrooms, waffles, roast beef, fried shrimp, cheesecake, biscotti. The diet was off this morning. Ha! After the world's largest meal we went to the park and took pictures of my adorable little bookie, pictured above, while Emma played. We missed Uncle Marcy so much! It was great to be with family and have the kids enjoy their family! How was your weekend!