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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommy's out there! Nick brought me breakfast in bed and now I am spending some time alone, which is what I asked for. I thought I would post a picture of the kids so I can relish how lucky I really am to be a mother. There are so many hardships that come with being a mother: having absolutely no time to ones self (practically), not having any time to get ready, being puked on, being pooped on, the tantrums, the sleepless nights. But all of the good outweighs all of the bads. Not only am I lucky to be a mother, but I am a mother with Nick as my children's father. I don't think there is anything better that I could have asked for. He is such a great husband and daddy. He is my support that is always there for me and always reassures me when I am convinced that I am not good at this whole Mom thing. I am so lucky to be celebrating Mother's Day with the people I am with right this very moment!