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First Boyfriends

My sisters (you can read it as My sista’s if you so choose) were over yesterday and little Kelsey brought her new boyfriend. This is basically the iconic first boyfriend for her and I couldn’t help but wax a little sentimental when she had left. Do you remember your first boyfriend? Remember the butterflys you got in your tummy when he was around or all of the minute details of actually asking you out that seemed so important at the time? Remember how you would talk to your little girlfriends about it and all of the questions “did he touch your hand like this or like this?” First boyfriends are instrumental in your life: they allow you to dream, and imagine, and create moments in your mind. They allow you to relish moments and feelings within yourself and keep thoughts and key events locked in your memory so you’ll never forget. First boyfriends are also a good lesson for that one day when you have a husband. You learn to understand body language and when to lay off and when to nag, when it is worth it to fight and when to just drop it, and etc. Who was your first boyfriend? What do you remember? What sticks out in your mind? My first boyfriend was a guy named Ryan. He was about 2-3 years older than me and I remember talking to him on the phone for hours at a time. Hours. And I remember the way he smelled like dryer sheets. So anyway, now you just HAVE to comment to tell me all about your first beau.
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