Weekend Recap on Tuesday because I am Slow

Emma is sporting her new gardening gear...she was tickled pink, just like her gloves!

Here's what Cal did while we worked...what a life!
So our weekend ended up being really nice! Friday evening we rented a couple of movies from the library: Superbad and the Jane Austen Book Club. Loved the later one! It was so unbelievably nice to be able to sleep in Saturday morning. Okay, sleeping in is now about 7:30 but still, it felt heavenly. We then went to the farmer's market which was a lot of fun with the kids. After we got home we worked out in the lawn, preparing our beds for planting. Emma seemed to really enjoy raking. Then I got the attic cleaned up...yeah for me. It was so bright up there I was getting a headache, but I persevered until I got done. Saturday evening we made French Dip sandwiches which were incredibly yummy. Sunday we went to church and then to my Aunt Marilyn's for lunch which was a lot of fun. Afterwards we came home and got a lot of cleaning around the house done. I love the weekends around here that are just normal, you know? No where to really go, no formal obligations to attend to. We just relaxed and enjoyed one another's company in the beautiful weather.

Happy 3 month Birthday to Calvin James!

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