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Water for Coupons

So last Sunday was the insert in the paper of all of the Proctor-Gamble coupons. I love the proctor-gamble coupons as there are tons of coupons in there…it is like Christmas in April. Anyway my mother in law passes on her coupons to me which is amazing, but I am always too lazy and I don’t get to clipping them until the following week. So while I was clipping them this weekend (I know this is long, I do have a point though, promise!) I saw a sheet in the coupons reading “each coupon you redeem gives a liter of clean water”. Intrigued I continued reading. And apparently for each coupon you redeem out of the April issue of the Proctor and Gamble brandSAVER coupon book, “Proctor and Gamble will supply a liter of filtered drinking water to someone in the developing world who desperately needs it.” Now my heart will feel warm and fuzzy while saving money at the grocery store!
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