Our Weekend

So this weekend I had set Saturday aside from about Mid-January for cleaning out the attic. It just needs organized and there are things up there just screaming to go to Goodwill. However, tomorrow is supposed to be the best day of the year so far with warm sunny written all over it. Do I want to spend the day in the attic on a bright sunny day? That would be a big no. So tomorrow is open for ideas on what we are going to do. I am thinking of maybe taking all of the rascals to Fernwood Botanical Garden. We have a coupon and I have never been there so it would be neat. Or we could go Farmer's Marketing. Or take a long walk and picnic at the park. Or garden. Or shop for the garden. Who knows really? Sunday we are going to visit my Aunt Marilyn and have a salad luncheon so that will be fun. She still hasn't met Cal yet because I am a loser and a hobbit that doesn't leave the house. So that is our weekend, how does yours look?