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Am I making any sense? Can you read this or am I typing in tongues? Just curious. I just had one of those "talks" with Nick; you know the kind I am talking about. It went something like this:

Me: I don't mind if you go to the Cubs game I just wish you made that much of an effort for us to do things together

Him: We're together all of the time and we don't have any money

Me: We don't need money and we are always with the kids

Him: We could hang out after the kids go to bed but you blog all of the time

Me: Um, hardly ever do I blog at night and what are we going to do while hanging out, watch the Cubs?

Him: What's wrong with that?

Me: Just go and have a good time

Him: Now you're giving me a guilt trip

Do you have these conversations too? The truth is that Nick is the most unromantic person I've ever met or heard of...people should write in diatribe about him. If someone does something romantic he thinks that's stupid. Name something, anything: stupid. I guess I am just going through that I wish the guy I married would be a little romantic phase again. And no I have not seen the Notebook recently. But the sad truth is that I am pretty sure Nick could make the bed and I would melt down in tears at that being the sweetest thing ever. Do you know what I mean? Are you amening me on this stuff? I know I could do stuff too but still, he is the man and darnet sometimes ladies just need actions to back up those I love yous. He says there's no one to watch the kids and not a lot of money. But there are grandmas and Aunts and putt-putting is fairly cheap. So is sitting at the grotto (again, stupid). And its not that I couldn't call for a sitter and email him telling him what we are going to do, but its that I shouldn't have to, right? Isn't it written somewhere that every once in three years or so guys should have to sweep their wives up and make them feel fluttery? I really am not guy bashing, promise. I love Nick and I love him the way he is. Just please tell me if I am the only one who feels this way sometimes.