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So my cousin and I recently had a discussion of what do you do if you aren't happy with someone or something in your life. I am sure everyone has a different response to these questions and feel free to post your opinions. I thought I would give you some insight into my feelings on this topic. With Nick, I have always had the opinion that divorce is not an option. I think a lot of people get this notion in their head with marriage that they should be happy all of the time. I think that is a lot of crap. No one is ever happy in any thing they do all of the time. There have been a lot of times with Nick that I am not happy. Not with him or anything, just happy in life, which inadvertently coincides to being happy with Nick, seeing as how I am with him. I like to compare it to a paragraph. My paragraph, or life, is so completely full and happy. But sometimes you inevitably get a sentence that is an unhappy one. And that is okay. That is what makes the story so great. In our fast paced world where everything is made for self gratification, we can't fathom living with unhappiness. But I think that unhappiness is what makes the happiness that much sweeter.