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Cuppa, Cuppa

My sis-in-law bought me these pink measuring cups and spoons! Aren't they fab? They will work perfectly in my all pink kitchen! Bean and I have a sister ball that we have been doing for years. I can't believe its been years already! Anyway, the sister ball is a small silver ball with a maroon ribbon. I think it is actually for potpurri or an ornament or something but it is two halves with a hinge and a clasp so you can open it up and put small things in. Well the darn thing is so small that it is almost impossible to find anything that goes inside of it, so we've always given gift bags of things with the ball tucked inside. So this was her gift to me only it was ball-less because my gift to her was ball-less last time. And why you ask? Because silly me let Emma play with the ball and now it is gone. I cannot find the ball! How a one year old manages to lose a silver ball is beyond me but lose she did. Anyway, these are my new utensils and I love them!