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A Whale of a Deal

So I went to Goodwill, armed with my 50% off coupon. I needed to get a basket for a friends shower and look for baby clothes. Nick and the kids went with me but by the time we got there, they were asleep. So I went in by myself (silent YES! to myself). I found this cute sweater with matching shirt underneath from Gymboree for Emma and snatched that puppy up. The cool thing about this sweater is that when you take the ruffly shirt away, its something that Cal will be able to wear when he is old enough. I got up to the counter with the basket and sweater/shirt combo and found out my basket was marked 75% off! Score! Then the sweater was only $2.00 and they didn't charge me extra for the shirt. So I saved my 50% off coupon for another time. Iwas fine paying $2.93 for my items today. Chalk another one up to God and Goodwill!