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I’d Like To Thank God and Goodwill

So I have been needing to go to Goodwill. Like a good finance girl who does her taxes, I recorded all of the items I have to donate to Goodwill in an excel spreadsheet and listed their condition as well. I got them in nice pile by the foyer door to take to the store. The only problem? I never made it to Goodwill this past weekend. So there they sit for Emma to rifle through at her own free will and for Nick and I to trip over, seemingly every 15 seconds. I know I could just take the items to a drop box and chucked them in, but I have this microwave to contend with. The microwave seems like a nice microwave until you get it going and then 30 seconds down the road, sparks are flying within…not such a good microwave after all. I would hate for someone to pick it up and then set their hair or house on fire when using it. So we need to take it to an actual donation center with someone speaking some form of English so we can stick a little disclaimer with it. But the other dilemma is, why am I going to drive all they way to the donation center if I am not going to buy something? And since it is not a half off day, I would feel weary to buy something. I know, I know, its goodwill and its cheap, but its also like the Gap…when you know that eventually everything is going to be on sale, you don’t buy at regular price. But what should be in the newspaper today? but lo and behold a half off coupon for Goodwill. Now maybe I have been under a rock for quite some time but I have never seen one of these coupons before, and what good timing it should have to emerge from its cocoon of savings. Thank you God and Goodwill for this miracle today! Now I can shop and drop at the same time!