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You've been Vasectomized!

So today Nicholas is playing X-Box in bed with a bag of peas for companionship because yesterday was the great Vasectomy. I must say that it really is not a big deal and Nick agrees with me whole heartedly. Compared to a woman getting her tubes tied, this was a walk in the park. I do feel so bad for the guy and also so happy this is done. We know that two children are enough for us and we wanted to not have to worry about anything. I must tell you too how thankful I am for our insurance. We only had to pay $30.00 to get this done, can you believe it? Compared to the cost of raising another child, I think we got a bargain! When he was leaving the nurses gave Nick a Spongebob sticker that said "You're da man". I thought it was so funny and I think its so cute that its still on his jacket.