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What's the deal with Handy Manny?

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So Emma has taken a liking to Handy Manny. We try not to let her watch too much television, but when Calvin is screaming and I haven't had time to get a cup of coffee in the morning, I find myself turning on the Disney Channel to let her watch him. As I sat watching it with her this morning, I couldn't help but ask myself what the heck is up with that guy? Have you ever watched this show? He's a mexican fellow who has a weird obsession with his tools...he talks to them and he polishes them every night before work the next morning. He never has what he needs to do a project...ever. He could say "well all you need it a screw but I will have to go to the hardware store for that." Clearly this guy has some inventory issues. Maybe it is because he is secretly stalking the hardware store owner...there seems to be some definite tension and flirting going on there. Also he tends to not be very good at his job. Today he was supposed to be mending a fence, but instead took the fence section out and replaced it with a gate without asking the owner...if I were the owner I think I would be mad. Last but not least I cannot understand why you would hire this guy. No power tools, so if he needs something cut he pulls out the saw...its like hiring amish people. Hello to inefficiency. Thats all I'm saying.