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The verdict on formula

So last night we gave Calvin formula for the first time. My disclaimer here is that I am not planning on giving him formula all of the time but I wanted to make sure that he became used to the taste of it. We tried giving Emma formula when she was about 7 months old which was too late, and she hated it. We had to give her cow's milk because the cupboards were bare so to speak. I was really nervous giving it to him because when you mention formula the first thing that pops into my mind is the memory of my grandma trying to feed my sister Lacey formula and her refusing it and screaming. Thankfully he took it and actually seemed to love it! He seemed to like it better than breastmilk if you can believe that! So formula is a go which is good for when I go back to work on the off chance that I won't be able to pump enough.