Super Busy at Home

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Thought I would update you on the kids:

Emma is really getting the whole manners concept under her belt. When we ask her something she says "yes please" or "no thank you". She had also been picking up the habit of saying "yeah" but we started teaching her to say "yes" which she now says very pointedly. Nicholas also taught her to do the robot which I must tell you is hilarious! She even maker "err, err" noises while she does the moves. She is beginning to count more and more now, she can help up to 18 (the number of stairs in our house!) which is incredible to me as the child isn't even two yet! We are getting away from signing except for things outside (fence, garden, pond, sidewalk, etc) and thank you she will sign lots. I am really just amazed at how smart she is.

Calvin is lifting his whole head and body up off the floor. He is also getting so big it is just incredible to me. He isn't even a month old yet and today I had him in a 3-6 month outfit. He is smiling and beginning to experiment with his hands, which is fun for us but not so much for him, as it has been resulting in him hitting himself in the face. Unfortunately Calvin has been projectile vommiting a lot and spitting up tons so we have an appointment this upcoming week. All signs are pointing to GERD like Emma had. Hopefully we can the problem corrected so he won't stop eating or anything. Please be keeping us in your prayers.

That is all for now, hope you all are doing well!